Chili Contestant Rules for Entry

1 A chili entrant team will consist of no more than 2 people.Your team entry must be submitted, along with your Team Name, payment and Chili's Name by January 15th.
2 Set-up of your assigned area must be complete and chili ready to serve to official judges by 2:00pm. Entrants may begin setting up their sections at 1:00pm.
3 Canopy Chili Committee will provide an assigned section, testing cups, spoons and bowls for the public, tip jar to contestants.
4 Contestants must bring containers to take home leftover chili or trade chili with other contestants.Chili must be cooked from scratch at home and brought on site the day of the cook-off.
5 Each team must prepare 2 gallons of chili to be judged by the public (about 1 large crock pot).
6 Cheese, sour cream, tortilla chips and crackers will be made available to all ticket holders. You are welcome to provide additional toppings if you wish. 
7 All meat and poultry must be obtained from USDA approved sources.
8 Canopy Chili Committee will provide you with an individual serving tray and sterno fuel. Please bring the chili in a container already warmed (in a crockpot) to be transferred to the serving tray. 
9 Contestants will provide their own serving spoon or ladle.
10 Contestants or their designee will serve their chili from 2:00pm-4:00pm.
11 Prizes will be awarded at 4:00pm, contestants must be present to win.
12 Tip jars will be placed at each contestant's table. The contestant with the most tips at the end of the event will receive the Tipster Award. Tip jars will be collected at 4pm and winner announced during the awards ceremony.
13 Awards will be presented for Judges' Choice, People’s Choice, Tipster Award (most tips). All decisions are final.
14 Contestants agree that all money(s) collected will be donated to Canopy Adult Services Chili Cook Off.
All teams must complete this entry form and submit their $25 entry fee by January 15th, 2017. The $25 entry includes your ticket to the event and entry for your two team members.